Chapter 1

The Match:  Scotland v. England, 30th November 1872

One of the jolliest, one of the most spirited and most pleasant matches that has ever been played according to Association rules.
[ Bell’s Life’s description of the match ]

On the afternoon of Saturday 30th November 1872, an association football match took place at a cricket ground near Glasgow between representative teams from Scotland and England. At this most unlikely of footballing venues, major sporting history was surely made: the encounter was, in fact, the world’s first ever international football match – and fell, appropriately enough (for the Scots), on St.Andrew’s Day ...

- There follows a seven-page illustrated account of the famous match, being the world's very first international football encounter.  Based upon contemporary press reports and including team line-ups, a description of the game is given and an examination of the respective styles of the two outfits is made.  Surviving relics of the occasion are also described.

Match-day Ticket