Chapter 4

After Oxford:  Career, family and more sporting excellence

Miss Marion Stintson. Daughter of Mrs McGiverin – a little girl of 15 with marvellous hair. The cleverest girl for her age I have ever seen – and a dear little thing. Danced all night at Niagara with her – walked to Clifton Station with her and her mother – who is a very nice and kind lady who came to Hamilton to chaperone people.

Ottaway's account of his first encounter with his future wife, which took place during his 1872 tour of North America.  Their marriage would be tragically short, yet productive - though Ottaway would never see his child.

Read of how his sporting career continued to thrive - a third F.A.Cup Final, and more cricketing glory for Middlesex and the M.C.C.  His final first-class innings was probably his best - a match concluded amidst unusual circumstances.

And by the Spring of 1878, he was dead.

Richard Ruck, the man who ended Ottaway's footballing career