Chapter 2

Up to Oxford:  The early years

An account of Ottaway's childhood, from his birth and only-child existence in middle-class Dover to the conclusion of his six-year stay at Eton.  Extracts from his diary provide the highlights...

Tue 11th June [1867] – Went to Lord’s to practise and had a most enjoyable day. Mr Higgins [his friend's father] got me leave. We played from 10 till 12. And then looked on at the match till 5 when we played again till 7. The ground being very lively, and the balls hitting me all over the body. Dined with Mr Higgins at 3 Chester Place, Chester Square. And went back by the 9.30 train. Mr Mitchell took Foley, Thornton, Cowlthorpe, Fay and Walker, Wormald, Alexander went there also.

At Eton, Ottaway thrived - especially in the sporting arena.  He certainly looked the athletic type:
Dressed for rackets + his silverware!

In Chapter 2, read all about the boy's rise to power - his 'rackets' supremacy and his first-class cricketing debut for Kent CCC ... and his first encounter with the great W.G.Grace.