Chapter 3

The Oxford Years:  Sporting all-rounder

During his stay at Oxford University, Ottaway smashed the record books.  He represented the institution at 'Blue' level a record thirteen times at an unprecedented five disciplines, namely, rackets, real tennis, athletics, cricket and, of course, association football.  During this time (1869-74) he also played first-class cricket for Kent, Middlesex, the Gentlemen (among others).  Then there were the first two of his grand total of three F.A.Cup Finals.  And a prestigious cricketing tour to North America (several opening partnerships with W.G.Grace, included). 

In hindsight, his short international football career spanning 1872-74 seems almost an afterthought.  Yet if he is remembered for anything then it must surely be that famous day in November 1872, when he led the England XI out for their inaugural international against the Scots.

Oh, yes, and he did manage to find time to pick up his degree, too...

Brasenose College, Oxford