Chapter 5

A Tenuous Posterity:  Life after Ottaway

For those of you who think you may be a descendant of the great unsung hero of English football, then think again. For though there are folk living today who can justifiably make such a claim, they are few and far between – and there are none at all within the shores of the British Isles.
One may wonder at the reasoning behind the dedication of a sizeable chapter of our story to what occurred after Cuthbert Ottaway’s death. The answer is simple: the man’s posterity is an interesting one. And, what is more remarkable, the deeds, exploits and accomplishments of Ottaway’s few descendants and their relatives are at least as significant – in a very different way – as that of our young sporting hero.
As Cuthbert John Ottaway was laid to rest in Paddington Old Cemetery in the spring of 1878, his teenage wife, Marion, was 5½ months pregnant with their child ...
And so life after Ottaway began for those who were left behind, one as yet unborn.  But the man's widow would go onto great things, and live life to the full - as would, in turn, their only child.  Read all about their fascinating tale in our concluding chapter.